Primal Raw CCC Fly Rod


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Primal Raw CCC Fly Rod


Primal’s new Compressed Carbon Chain (CCC) technology utilises an incredibly low mass oblique exterior carbon wrap that constricts at a high rate during the curing process to compress the rod’s longitudinal fibres to create a denser, stronger blank with higher sensitivity, quicker recovery and ultra-light swing weight.

CCC rods combine with Ultra-Light Helical Core, to create intelligent rods that support hoop strength and stabilise the blank in flex. The graphene nano in Primal rods is there for a purpose, not just for pixie dust. Nano works best with compression fibres, so we use it to improve axial resilience and not just so we can add in an extra buzzword.

The end result is that the Primal RAW is a freshwater fly rod that outperforms other overpriced rods at a price that means the only bank you will hit is the far one.  

  • Primal CCC - Compressed Carbon Chain Technology
  • Ultra high modulus 64MSI Toray Carbon blanks
  • UHC - Ultra Light Helical Core
  • ANR - Amplified Nano Resin
  • ABS Moulded rod tube with carry strap
  • Cloth rod bag
  • 4pc travel design
  • Supported by Primal Quick Fix warranty service