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Winter fishing Report.


Lake Jindabyne has had a bit of a top-up and the water is right up into the grass and so are the fish!! Early season polaroiding hasn’t been this great in years. September is usually the month we start walking around the lake spotting cruising fish looking for food around the edges, but this year the sight fishing has come a little early.

There has been some terrific fish caught in the past couple of weeks we have seen lots of big browns cruising the shallow bays around Hatchery bay, Waste point, East Jindabyne, and Kalkite with the odd Rainbow trout also lurking.

Patience and stealth are the name of the game when looking for these hungry fish, as they are usually just a few feet off the bank. Taking your time and scoping out the weed beds and new water over the vegetation. With the lake level of Jindabyne up onto the grass the fish are usually only a couple of feet out from the bank, so keep your eyes peeled. When you do see a fish, don’t rush down and cast to it as it will more than likely end up “spooking” the fish. A slow and gentle approach is required here. It often pays to observe the movements and feeding pattern before you cast.

The flies that have been the most productive are small nymphs and soft hackle flies that have little impact on the water. Caddis pupua, Mayfly nymphs, and smaller Damsel fly patterns have been a few of my favourites.

When the weather starts looking dark and gloomy, its not necessarily time to pack up and leave. Working the deeper water with a wooly bugger or “killer” type fly can also have some great results.


Now is the time to hook in to some great fish, so get out there and get into it!!!

If you need any advice or just want to grab a few flies, come on in to High Country Outfitters. We have the biggest selection of freshwater flies and fly gear in the area.

Shop 8 nuggets crossing, Jindabyne or call us on (02) 6456 2989

Happy fishing folks,




Southland 15/16 season


The 2015/16 season proved to be testing and rewarding with weather playing a big part.

People often ask when is the best time to visit New Zealand and my answer is usually anytime as the weather changes so much and often in a week. Early season sees the fish out and not so spooky, Summer they are looking up and Autumn they are feeding and the Mayflies are busy.

Southland has a lot of water to choose from and whatever the conditions there is always some water to fish.

Early season gave us wind, rain and snow melt but the fish were in fantastic condition. This is when all your practice comes together, punching into the wind and casting over your other shoulder.

The Summer proved warm and low water levels so accuracy really counted. Beetles, Cicadas and Willow Grubs were about so lots of Dry Fly action.

Autumn proved to be very good, the Mayflies were a bit slow and very mixed as there were many days with some fish taking spent spinners and some taking duns. Depending on the fly used you picked out your fish and covered it.

All in all it was another great season, testing conditions but very rewarding. I am really looking forward to the coming season so if you are interested in a South Island adventure get in touch with me and we can organise your trip.

Cheers and good fishing



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Winter is here!


Winter has arrived with full force and there is plenty of snow on the ground and plenty more on it’s way. But don’t let it get in the way of chasing some trout! Winter is a fantastic time to venture out on to the lakes in the area, which are still open to fish during the winter season. In between snow storms and blizzards there can be some magical days to polaroid the foreshore. In the winter months the fish really like moving in closer to shore and make sight casting to these fish a very exciting experience. A well presented nymph placed ahead of a cruising fish can see some great hook-ups. Wooly buggers and other streamer patterns such as Hamills Killers, Mrs Simpsons, and Matuka style of flies fished deep around the margins can often entice a bite from fish looking for yabbies and shrimp.


Days Like these can see some wonderful opportunities for sight casting to cruising fish.

Evening fishing during these months is also a very productive activity, although temperatures after dark can get well below freezing, it will pay to get some good quality outerwear to keep you warm and toasty whilst fishing at night (or even during the day for that matter!) Thankfully High Country Outfitters  has everything that you need to keep you going through these colder months. Brands like Patagonia, Columbia, and Simms have some great gear that will make the experience more comfortable.

In fact all this month if you mention this post you can get yourself 10% off any Patagonia jacket or pant!!

High Country Outfitters is open 7 days a week from early til late all year around.

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SAGE has just announced a new rod to their great lines of fly rods!!!

Announcing the X series fly rod.

“Tighter loops. It’s what we all strive for. A tight loop is accurate, efficient,

easily controlled, and a way to command the water in front of you.

Ushering in a new era of performance fast action fly rods, the X will

dramatically enhance the way you fish through superior loop control.

With our innovative KonneticHD Technology came new inspiration and

opportunities in rod design. The X rod’s all-new fast action taper delivers

greater blank recovery and a crisper tip stop – creating tighter, more

efficient loops throughout all ranges of casting styles. This taper allows

you to dig deeper into the rod and access the lower sections, shifting

power closer to the angler. Decreased lateral and medial movement and

vibrations in the blank result in a more accurate and efficient presentation,

resulting in a performance driven, forgiving fast action blank ”


The X rod’s all-new fast action taper built with our KonneticHD

Technology delivers greater blank recovery and a crisper tip stop –

creating tighter, more efficient loops throughout all ranges of casting

styles. This taper allows you to dig deeper into the rod and access the

lower sections, shifting power closer to the angler. Decreased lateral

and medial movement and vibrations in the blank result in a more

accurate and efficient presentation, resulting in a performance

driven, forgiving fast action blank – refining the synergy between

angler, rod, line, and fly.

• KonneticHD Technology®

• Black Spruce blank color

• Dark Green thread wraps with Metallic Grey trim wraps

• Fuji ceramic stripper guides

• Hard chromed snake guides and tip-top

• Freshwater 3 – 6 weights:

• Vera wood insert with Stealth Black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat

• Flor grade snub nosed half-wells cork handle

• Saltwater 5-10 weights:

• Stealth Black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat

• Integrated hidden hook keeper in reel seat

• Flor quality full-wells cork handle with EVA fighting butt

• Laser etched line weight on slide band

• Black rod bag with Titanium logo and Black Spruce model tag

• Evergreen powder coated aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion

• Handcrafted on Bainbridge Island, USA


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End of Season Fly Fishing Clearance Sale

Driftwood_Sale Now On

After an incredible season of fishing it’s time to make room for winter stock!

patagonia logo

Patagonia Skeena River 2015 waders Large size was $519.95 Now $419.95

Patagonia Rio Gallegos Chest wader Large size was $649.95 Now $519.95

Patagonia Womens Spring Creek waders Large size was $549.95 Now $439.95

Patagonia Rock Grip wading boot size 14 was $254.95 Now $199



Riverworks B4 waders size XL and XXL were $399.95 Now $249

Riverworks  Z-series wader size XXL were $199.95 Now $149

Riverworks XRT wading boot size 12 were $299.95 Now $149

Riverworks Z-series wading boot size 8 was $179.95 Now $129


vision logosm

Vision VIPU Fly rod 10′ #4 was $259.95 Now $219

Vision Nite Fly rod 9′ #6 was $419.95 Now $339

Vision Venus (Saltwater) 9′ #9 was $399.95 Now $299.95




Loop Opti-creek Fly rod 8’8″ #3 was $775.95 Now $549

Loop Evotec Cast Fly rod (med action) 8’6″ #2 was $699.95 Now $594

Loop Cross S1 9′ #5 (mid curve, Med/fast action) was $999 Now $699 SOLD




Sage has just announced the new X series of fly rods!! So to make way for these new models we can now offer the following rods at a great price!!!

Sage Circa Fly rod 8’9″ #5 was $1260 Now $749

Sage Circa Fly rod 8’9″ #4 was $1260 Now $749 SOLD

Sage Circa Fly rod 7’9″ #4 was $1260 Now $749 SOLD

Sage Circa Fly rod 8’9″ #3 was $1260 Now $749

Sage Response Fly rod 9′ #4 was $530 Now $399

*N.B. There are very limited quantities of sale stock available so you better get in quick.

Come on in or give us a call (02)6456 2989


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Autumn Fishing Report


The summer that kept on giving has finally rolled into Autumn and the Brown trout spawning run is just about to kick off!!!

The weekend saw our first substantial rainfall for the Autumn season and a few Browns have already started to move into the river system although a bit more rain should really start to move things along nicely.

The Summer dry-fly fishing this year has been quite exceptional and there’s still some surface action to be had. The upper section of the Thredbo river still has some fantastic top water activity with mayflies, caddis, and the odd grasshopper still fluttering about. Using a smaller stimulator or wulff patterns are sure to be successful on the surface. Covering your bases with a small Hare & Copper, Hares ear, or Pheasant tail nymph trailing your dries can see plenty of “hook ups”. The higher alpine streams and creeks  have also been fishing very well, and if you like fishing those tighter waters you could be rewarded with some very good fish.

With the onset of cooler days and hopefully some rain and snow thrown into the mix, we will start focussing our attention below the surface. Nymphing with some heavier flies and perhaps a trailing “glo-bug” to entice some of those larger trophy fish will be our go to rig. I like using a heavier tungsten beaded fly as my dropper with an unweighted nymph or egg pattern tied off about 30cm – 60cm trailing behind. The heavier fly gets down reasonably fast and allows for amore natural drift of the bottom fly. My favourite rig is a size 10 -14 tungsten Hare & Copper with an Manic soft egg pattern tied around 45cm off the bend of the nymph, with a dead drift this set up has been a proven winner and deadly effective. Getting your flies down to the fish is very important, so don’t forget to vary your weight to make sure that your flies are getting to the fish, a soft weight or split-shot above the first fly will enable the flies to hit the bottom. Maintaining a dead drift is also very important when fishing below the surface, so line control and management is so important when targeting those harder to catch fish.

Lake Jindabyne and Eucembene have both been struggling to fish well in the later part of the summer months with both lakes being very “hit or miss” during the day and only limited action in the evenings. The autumn like weather has managed to cool the water temperatures a bit and some fish have been seen patrolling the edges. An unweighted streamer cast into the path of a feeding trout can be its undoing, just be careful not to spook the fish!!!

With less than 8 weeks left of the river season, now is the time to head down to Jindabyne to get into some great fly fishing before the rivers close!

Don’t forget High Country Outfitters have everything you need to get you into the action both on and off the water. Our winter outerwear and adventure wear are starting to drop in store, so come on in and get yourself some fresh new threads for the winter season!!

Happy fishing folks!

The High Country Crew.



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February fishing report.


We are getting into the last breaths of the official summer, but I think there’s still a way to go before this hotter weather is behind us.

The fishing in general has been fantastic on the rivers and streams, with the higher section fishing much better than the lower, warmer elevations. Dry flies are the order of the day with most of the fish looking up. however the larger fish tend to be in the cooler water, in the under cuts and the deeper holes. so getting a nymph under the banks or in the deeper water can be worth a try. The flies to use are Stimulator and hopper patterns, Caddis, Wulffs and beetles. Just about anything presented well will get you in the ball park! Remember that your drift has to be good, making sure that you are mending your casts and concentrating on line management. A little bit of drag on the flies will be your undoing on the slower water! The most productive times for fishing the rivers is during the early mornings and evenings, however you can still get fish during the middle of the day (don’t forget the sunscreen!!) but it can be quite warm.

The lakes are a bit “hit or miss” at the moment with the water temps in excess of 24 degrees so it would pay to get some wet flies down to some depth with a sink/intermediate line as the fish will be more than likely be seeking some cooler water. when the fish are down deep they are mostly chasing yabbies, so a bigger yabby pattern would be a good choice of fly. The evenings right through the night will see some bigger fish move into the shallows in search of a meal. Night time fishing on the lake can be very exciting with larger trout taking the fly with great gusto, so you better hold on!!

Over the next month or so we should see a drop in the temperature and the water start to cool so some early spawning brown trout will start to make their annual pilgrimage up the streams and rivers to start the spawning cycle. This time of the year can be a fantastic opportunity to get into some trophy trout!!

Happy fishing!

The Crew at High Country Outfitters



Fishy Photos.

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New Year fishing Report


Happy New Year!!! Welcome to 2016.

The new year is upon us and summer is in full swing. The sun is shining and the fish are taking flies of the surface, what more could you want?

The rivers are fishing very well with most anglers reporting of large numbers of both rainbows and browns being caught and released, most fish are around the 1lb to 2lb mark with the occasional larger fish getting into the mix. A well presented Emerger or smaller Wulff pattern should do the trick quite nicely. The higher sections of the rivers are fishing quite well, although with the milder weather that we have be experiencing the water temps have remained low and comfortable for the fish right throughout the river systems. Mornings and afternoons along with the cloudy days are perfect for fishing the river during the warmer summer months.

The Grasshoppers have just started to make an appearance and should make their way onto the water very shortly (those windier days should be great along the edges of the rivers and lakes) So be sure to have a few Hopper patterns and some stimulators in your fly box for those times. Hopper fishing can be very exciting, plonking a large fly onto the surface with a big splash is the key when “Hopper fishing” forget those delicate presentations!!

The lakes are still fishing quite well as the warmer weather has usually been followed by a cooler change and some good cooling rain keeping the water at a comfortable temperature for the fish. So you can still find some active fish feeding right throughout the daylight hours. Prospecting with a wet fly around the edges during these times can be a great way of picking up some fish whilst waiting for a hatch to come on. As the daylight draws to a close and the sun is starting to set, keep an eye out for insect activity, as the fish should start eating from the surface around dusk. The “rise” at these times can last from anywhere from 10 minutes, and can sometimes go right through the night. Matching the hatch during these times can be quite interesting as there could be anything from beetles to dragonflies getting around. Flies to use on the lake are Wooly buggers, Killer Patterns and muddlers for wets, and Larger Wulffs and Terrestrial Patterns for dries.


If you’re in the market for a new fly rod or even just want to try something different, don’t forget about our demo range that is available in store. We have Scott, Loop, Airflo, TFO, and Redington as well as other great rods available. We also have the newest fly lines available to test from Rio,  Airflo, and Scientific Anglers as well.  You really should try the Single hand spey line from Rio its just amazing, just call in to the shop and we’ll hook you up.

We just received a new shipment of fly rods from Redington of their new Hydrogen series of rods, These rods have been selling out as soon as we get them and priced at $429.95 with a lifetime replacement warranty they are fantastic value for money and a dream to fish with. Also back in store is the ever popular Airflo Nemisis fly rods priced at $249.95. If you don’t have a back-up rod, at this price you really should get one (you will be blown away by the performance and price!!!) Along with the all the premium brands such as Sage, Scott, Loop, and many others we have everything you could possibly want.

Also, don’t forget about the Thredbo Fly Fishing Expo on the 12th to 14th of February. It’s a free event with lots of fly fishing goodness!!

Happy Fishing Folks.

The High Country Crew