The Season Ahead

Well, Winter has returned and adding more snow to the Mountains. The Rivers and Streams are looking great so we should have a good start to the season.

We are in lockdown at the moment and the shop is closed, not sure for how long this will continue but I hope it ends soon. Our web site is still running and we thank you for the orders. 

New stock is starting to arrive, we have a great range of Waders and Boots, Fly Rod kits and as usual, a huge range of Flies.

The Lakes are starting to rise and hopefully we will see another Midge hatch like last year. Lots of fish around the edge and good fishing all day and evening.

There was an excellent Brown run and now we are waiting for the Rainbows. This last lot of snow and rain should bring them on and get them up past the Hatchery.

If you are sitting around at home check out our website and see what we have available. And don't forget, there is plenty of time to get outside and practice your casting in readiness for the coming season.

Stay save everyone, get the Jab and look after your family and friends.



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