Gaden Hatchery update.


Hello all,


Here is the overview of the hatchery works over the last few weeks;


All our eggs for the 17-18 stocking season have been laid down and the trap has been taken out as of the 30th August.


Although the spawning run started late due to a lack of water and rain events, the Browns ran really well, with 2247 individuals recorded before the trap was taken out, and more still in the system near the hatchery. 400000 eggs have been laid down at Gaden , with another 600000 set aside for Dutton Hatchery.


We have about 300,000 wild RT eggs laid down for the Jindabyne and Eucumbene allocation, and 800,000 eggs from our 2+ and 3+ broodstock, which have all been mixed with wild males. The trapped Rainbow count for the year was 366 individuals, with many more seen after the trap was taken out.


About 25000 rainbow trout eggs were collected from Hughes and Tolbar creeks in the Eucumbene system on the 31st August. Once hatched, these fish will act as a genetic variation for the Jindabyne system, and future broodstock.


The findings from the coded wire tagging program were as follows;


  • Hughes Ck- total R/T collected 229 including 6 tagged 2 false detection’s due to fish hooks


  • Tolbar Ck total R/T collected 102 including 1 tagged


  • Hatchery collected 366 Rainbow trout from the Thredbo River, with a total of 26 fish tagged and 4 false detection’s due to fish hooks etc. These tagged fish were from 3 year classes.


All unwanted 2+ 3+ rainbow  trout broodstock (230 individuals) have been released into Lake Jindabyne with an elastomer implant (pink) inserted near the left eye(please see attached photo).


Brook Trout and Atlantic Salmon have just started to hatch, with the brown hatchlings running a bit late due to the late trapping season.




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Happy Autumn Everyone!!


The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, and the fishing is getting better! Its been a long hot summer and the fishing this river season has been one of the best in years!!

With the cooler weather fast approaching, we should start to see some rain falling, giving the rivers and streams a good freshening up and start to see some bigger fish moving into the river system over the next month or so. Until we see some rain things are going to slow down a little as the water levels in the streams and creeks are starting to get a little low. There have been some very good numbers of hoppers around. Casting a larger hopper or stimulator style of fly near the banks should get some interest from trout hiding under the bank in the shadows. You don’t need to be too delicate in the presentation as the bigger terrestrials really make their presence known when they get blown onto the water, so don’t be afraid to really whack that fly on the surface!!

The higher water (above 1200mtrs) is the pick of the most productive water as the water temps are a little more comfortable for the trout to feed and relax! You still need to be pretty stealth in your actions though as there are so many fish that you only need to spook one little tucker to put the rest of the fish in the run in to flight mode!


Early mornings and later in the afternoon have been the pick of the times for productivity during the warmer full sun days, however generally the middle of the day has also been producing some good hatches of caddis and some smaller mayflies. Although some days have been still quite warm and can get a bit uncomfortable for both the angler and fish. Be sure to carry plenty of water and sunscreen when fishing exploring the waterways.

Lake Jindabyne has been a little slower for shore based fishing as the water temps in the lake are still a bit high to bring the bigger fish to the edges. Night time fishing on the lake has been reasonable with some fish caught around the bays and drop offs on mudeye and streamer patterns. Daytime fishing on the lake has been very “hit or miss” with the polaroiding options being quite tough at the moment.

Lake Eucumbene has been fishing a little better although it is still a bit low and muddy around the edges. There have been reports of midge in the evening around the soaks and mudeyes have also been getting around. A slowly retrieved nymph or wooly bugger would be the flies to use.


Don’t forget that we have a fully stocked fly shop with all the latest and greatest gear to suit any budget or ability. Our Echo range of fly gear has been very well received by anglers from the novice to the seasoned pro. Prices start from an unbelievable $149.95 for the Echo Base (comes with a hard tube and lifetime warranty). We also have rods and reels from Sage, Scott, Redington, Loop, Airflo, and Vision. And everything else from rod to fly!

Come on down to Jindabyne and get in to the action!!!

Tight lines and tight loops!






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Happy New Year!!


Welcome to 2017!!! Its looking to be a great year so far!

If fishing was an indicator as to how the year will play out, then we’re in for an awesome year ahead! Fishing in the area has been very good. The daytime temps have been quite comfortable (compared to heatwave hitting the rest of the country!!) making river and lake daytime fishing very productive.

Beetles have been hitting the water in great numbers and the fish are ready and willing to take them off the surface. The windier days are a great oppourtunity to fish the tree lined banks and edges of the rivers and lakes. There is everything from smaller black beetles right through to gigantic christmas beetles! There have been some good reports coming from anglers fishing the lake in the evening having great success on larger surface patterns slowly retrieved into the path of a beetle feeding fish.

All the rivers and streams in the high country are fishing very well with just about all fish feeding freely of the surface. There are plenty of bugs around, with mayflies, caddis and black beetles being the dominate insects. Sizes will vary from #10 to #16. keeping a good selection of Parachute Adams, Elk Hair Caddis, Royal Wulffs, Foam Beetle , as well as some Klinkhammers will keep you covered for most situations.

The lakes have been fishing very well in the evenings and suprisingly well during the day, with some larger Browns still cruising the edges (probably looking for beetles?).  Daytime sight fishing on the lakes can be a bit trying during the hotter times, however if you put in the time and keep your eyes peeled you may be rewarded. Wooly Buggers, Hamils killers, and Muddler Minnows during the afternoon and late into the night are some good searching patterns and often result in some fantastic fish. Also look out for late afternoon insect hatches around the edges, Damselflies, midge, mayflies, and caddis often make an appearance and can send the fish into a feeding frenzy!

We have just recieved a new shipment of Echo Fly rods and reels. The Echo Base fly rod starts at $149.00 and ready to fish kits from $249.95 with a lifetime warranty. They are going out the door faster than we can get them!! A great value fishing and casting rod that is affordable for everyone. they also have some fantastic Glass rods from $299, and I can say they are sensational casting rods!!


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Spring has sprung!!


Spring is here! The weather has been sensational and the fishing has been very good as well.

Both Lake Jindabyne and Lake Eucumbene  have been on fire with some great fish being caught around the edges. The clear windless days have provided the fisher with some great opportunities for sight fishing on both of the lakes. The fish are right in close chasing frogs, tadpoles, and bugs that are up around the grassy edges. Actively looking for cruising fish is going to be the best way of hooking into some of these fish. Small black nymphs that could represent a tadpole, or even some larger dark green wooly buggers that have a similar size and shape to a frog would be the best pattern to use. Carefully casting your fly into the path of a cruising fish with a slow constant retrieve should get you into the game.

Lake Jindabyne has been fluctuating a little bit with the water levels, but is starting to rise again and should start to see some better sight fishing opportunities over the next few days. Casting a streamer pattern over structure and working the deeper water can often entice a nice big brown trout to eat!

Lake Eucumbene has been fishing consistently well for that last couple of weeks as the lake level has been quite steady. Many anglers are reporting some very good catches of brown trout and the odd rainbow.

This brings me to another concern! Over the past few years we have seen a significant drop in numbers of Rainbow trout in both the river and lake systems. The annual spawning run of rainbow trout has also seen a very low, and now concerning fall in recruitment, which seams to be having a very serious impact on our rainbow trout fishery. We are asking for your input and help to try and find a solution to this apparent problem. If you feel that the Rainbow trout fishery has been in decline for the past few years, we would like very much for any feedback or concerns that you may have. Just drop us a line or 2 in an email, give us a call, or just pop in to the shop for a chat, The more public support we can garner from the fishing community the more likely we are to find some funding for the solution. I must re-iterate that there is nothing wrong with the Brown trout population and in fact we are seeing some incredible numbers of recruitment from both Lake Eucumbene and Lake Jindabyne, with some extremely large trophy fish. Many of my fellow anglers are concerned about the Rainbow trout numbers and fell that now is the time to do something about it before its too late.

Please help out where you can!

The High Country Crew.

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Fly Fishing Expo 2016


Its that time of the year again folks!! The Annual Thredbo Fly Fishing Expo is back again for its fourth year. High Country Outfitters will be at the show with a great selection of the best gear around.Fly Fishing Schedule 2016-page-0

Some of Australia’s most accomplished fly casters and fishers will be on hand giving casting demonstration and offering advice.

This year we see Brian Henderson  (IFFF MCI, FFF THCI) Coming to the expo. Brian is one of Australia’s most accomplished fly casting instructors holding both Federation of Fly Fishers Master Casting Instructor and Two Handed Casting Instructor qualifications. Brian will be showing a range of casting in both two-handed and single hand techniques.

George Forster (IFFF MCI) will also be on hand to show his casting and teaching skills. George was at the expo last year and really knows his stuff and is always happy to share his knowledge and skills.

As always this event is free and a must for any fly fisher or anyone that would like to find out more about the art of fly fishing. we hope to see you all there.


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It’s on!!!!



Over the past couple of weeks we have had some wild and windy days with a mixture of snow and rain, and with that the fish have “turned on” and started to move up the river in some very good numbers and my I say some very large fish at that!!! The Thredbo is fishing very well right now and there’s plenty of room for the angler to enjoy some exceptional fishing for some spawn run browns. The lower section of the river is holding some extra large sized fish. Hooking and landing these fish will take some very precise fishing techniques. If you find that the Glo-bug Nymph combination just not doing the trick, you could try swinging or stripping a big wooly bugger past these bigger fish for a very aggressive take, but hold on because these fish have some extra “poke” but be warned you will also need some “soft” hands to avoid being busted off! I have seen some fish well in excess of 10lb cruising the river.

The Eucumbene river has also been providing the anglers with some non-stop action with plenty of fish being caught. the lake level is quite high right now, so the river section is a little smaller and there are quite a few anglers enjoying the conditions. Just remember that the river is for everyone to enjoy, some common sense and respect for the other anglers will ensure that everyone has a good time. It can be a little like Pitt St during the holiday shopping period on the Eucumbene over the next few weeks, so ensure that along with all your gear you pack your manners as well!!

Don’t forget to drop into the shop for all the information on what’s happening on the rivers and lakes. We also have some great end of season gear specials, so get in quick so you don’t miss out!!



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The Browns are Moving!!


After a couple of weeks of wet weather, the sun has finally come out and so have the fish!

Over the next week we should see some good quality Browns start really moving into the river system. There has already been some reports of some great quality fish in the Eucembene and Thredbo rivers. Although they are not in great numbers just yet there are certainly some big fish cruising around. The best method right now to catch some of these guys is with some heavily weighted nymphs like a Hare & Copper or Pheasant Tail with a smaller nymph trailing, or perhaps even a Glo-bug (in the next couple of weeks the Glo-bugs will be the order of the day) with an indicator to detect any action. A good drift will be the key to get some of the bigger fish to “take”, so make sure that you control your line at all times. I’m hoping to get out on the river in the next couple of days so I’ll be able to give a full report on what’s happening by the weekend.

Don’t forget we have just about every type of egg pattern to cover your bases for a successful fishing trip. Come on in for all of your needs!

Next report coming very shortly!!



Summer is nearly here.

image (10)

The weather has been magic over the past few weeks. The local streams, lakes and rivers have been fishing very well. There has been an abundance of insect life both above and below the surface, giving the angler many options to choose from. With excellent hatches of stoneflies, caddis, and the mayflies during the day, you shouldn’t have too much trouble enticing them up to the surface with a well presented dry fly. Good patterns to use now would be parachute Adams, Elk hair caddis, Klinkhammers and any other emerger patterns that you may have hidden  in the fly box.

The evening has seen the appearance of some bigger moths and beetles, so throwing out some bigger surface flies from dusk and into the evening might be worth trying to coax some of the bigger fish in to a strike.

The rivers have been fishing better than in the past couple of years and hopefully will only get better as the summer goes on! So now is great time to head to Jindabyne and come for a fish!!!