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Spring has sprung!!


Spring is here! The weather has been sensational and the fishing has been very good as well.

Both Lake Jindabyne and Lake Eucumbene  have been on fire with some great fish being caught around the edges. The clear windless days have provided the fisher with some great opportunities for sight fishing on both of the lakes. The fish are right in close chasing frogs, tadpoles, and bugs that are up around the grassy edges. Actively looking for cruising fish is going to be the best way of hooking into some of these fish. Small black nymphs that could represent a tadpole, or even some larger dark green wooly buggers that have a similar size and shape to a frog would be the best pattern to use. Carefully casting your fly into the path of a cruising fish with a slow constant retrieve should get you into the game.

Lake Jindabyne has been fluctuating a little bit with the water levels, but is starting to rise again and should start to see some better sight fishing opportunities over the next few days. Casting a streamer pattern over structure and working the deeper water can often entice a nice big brown trout to eat!

Lake Eucumbene has been fishing consistently well for that last couple of weeks as the lake level has been quite steady. Many anglers are reporting some very good catches of brown trout and the odd rainbow.

This brings me to another concern! Over the past few years we have seen a significant drop in numbers of Rainbow trout in both the river and lake systems. The annual spawning run of rainbow trout has also seen a very low, and now concerning fall in recruitment, which seams to be having a very serious impact on our rainbow trout fishery. We are asking for your input and help to try and find a solution to this apparent problem. If you feel that the Rainbow trout fishery has been in decline for the past few years, we would like very much for any feedback or concerns that you may have. Just drop us a line or 2 in an email, give us a call, or just pop in to the shop for a chat, The more public support we can garner from the fishing community the more likely we are to find some funding for the solution. I must re-iterate that there is nothing wrong with the Brown trout population and in fact we are seeing some incredible numbers of recruitment from both Lake Eucumbene and Lake Jindabyne, with some extremely large trophy fish. Many of my fellow anglers are concerned about the Rainbow trout numbers and fell that now is the time to do something about it before its too late.

Please help out where you can!

The High Country Crew.

2 thoughts on “Spring has sprung!!

  1. Joe

    Trying to invent the rainbow wheel is not what is needed, what is needed in an INDEPTH 5 year study of each lake, to look at the ENTIRE SYSTEM BY A DEDICATED UNIVERSITY .
    This should be similar to a Royal commission, because the majority of fishos want to spend a few relaxing days fishing , however over the years declining numbers fishos are increasingly going over the ditch to NZ spending 15-20% more but knowing they will have a better chance to land some fish.
    The surrounding fishing stores servicing the trout fishing can no longer keep saying the fishing is on the rise to each shopper that comes in . I for one have stopped fishing the Jindabyne area in favour of going over THE DITCH .
    The State gov will do zip as there are no votes involved, and. The fishing fraternity is inaffective and the trout in NSW WILL disappear into the mud, unless ALL FISHOS UNITE.
    My theory is the food supply for the trout is being reduced in the lake and the larger browns are feeding on the fish released by the hatcheries.


    • Thanks for your comments Joe! We need to gain some momentum on this topic so we can present a case to the “powers that be” the more feedback that we get from other anglersabout this the stronger the argument will be to get something done! thanks again, Ant.


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