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TFO Impact.


Its been a while in the making but the new addition to the Temple Fork Outfitters range of fly rods is sure to make an IMPACT!! Not since the introduction of the BVK has a mid price-point rod looked or felt so good. Although priced a little higher than the BVK @$429 this little beauty has everything that you want out of a premium fly rod without the price tag!! A little softer in feel than the BVK but a lot faster in the recovery, the IMPACT has both feel and power. Available in #4 thru to #10 weight  . Their action, in conjunction with a unique combination of the latest materials, merges the attributes of all your favorite rods in such a way that there’s no trace of any of the familiar limitations you’ve had to put up with.  IMPACT rods are designed to exceed every angler’s expectations with a level of excellence that will set new industry standards.  That’s making an Impact.

Get in and make an IMPACT on your fly fishing!!!

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