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Loop Optistream fly Rod Review.



Have you ever been in a situation on the river or lake when your back cast space was minimal or non-existent! Well fear not that situation any longer. With the new Loop Optistream fly rod and matched Optistream #5 line you will be the king of the roll cast!!!!

For many years the Europeans have been at the forefront with the “under-hand” style of casting and now with a Loop Optistream rod matched with the Loop Optistream #5 line you can have the power to “underhand” cast in just about any tight situation. The Loop Optistream rod has a lovely smooth feel and a medium to fast action, and when strung with the Loop Optistream #5line becomes a roll casting weapon beyond any expectation. Performing its best from 15ft to 40ft underhand casting has never been this easy or rewarding. If overhead casting is more your style then fear not, when a more traditional line is strung through this rod it shines as a short to medium distance presentation rod. At $679 the Loop Optistream is packaged in a cloth pouch and rod tube. As with all Loop fly rods it comes with a lifetime warranty!! If you’re looking for a great reel to match this line and rod combo, look no further than the Evotec G4 FW 4/6 @$549.00 and will balance out this combination perfectly!

Join the Loop Army today!!

Happy fishing,


2 thoughts on “Loop Optistream fly Rod Review.

    • I’m Glad you asked Howard! But I really don’t think that you need any help catching fish on the lakes and rivers after seeing the beast of a brown that you caught the other day!! Good job and well done!
      the key to this combination is the line and the rod put together although the line is most of the equation with its short oversized head allowing for a very fast load of the rod with a short line. The rod itself has a very balanced flex (quite parabolic from tip to butt) which I personally find to be a perfect action for underhand casting!! If you would like to give this set-up a run, please call into the shop and we can send you out on the water with one for a try!!!


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