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Reddington Path Kit.


Are you looking for a high quality fly rod and reel combo that won’t break the budget and has a lifetime warranty? Well look no further, the Reddington Path combo has all bases covered, and all for less than $300!! ($299.95) Available in 8′ 4weight and 9′ 5weight they come with a matched Path reel, matched weight forward floating line, and all packaged in a rod and reel case.  All this for just $299.95 with a lifetime warranty!! A great mid-fast action package suitable for the beginner or advanced fisher folk!!

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Loop Optistream fly Rod Review.



Have you ever been in a situation on the river or lake when your back cast space was minimal or non-existent! Well fear not that situation any longer. With the new Loop Optistream fly rod and matched Optistream #5 line you will be the king of the roll cast!!!!

For many years the Europeans have been at the forefront with the “under-hand” style of casting and now with a Loop Optistream rod matched with the Loop Optistream #5 line you can have the power to “underhand” cast in just about any tight situation. The Loop Optistream rod has a lovely smooth feel and a medium to fast action, and when strung with the Loop Optistream #5line becomes a roll casting weapon beyond any expectation. Performing its best from 15ft to 40ft underhand casting has never been this easy or rewarding. If overhead casting is more your style then fear not, when a more traditional line is strung through this rod it shines as a short to medium distance presentation rod. At $679 the Loop Optistream is packaged in a cloth pouch and rod tube. As with all Loop fly rods it comes with a lifetime warranty!! If you’re looking for a great reel to match this line and rod combo, look no further than the Evotec G4 FW 4/6 @$549.00 and will balance out this combination perfectly!

Join the Loop Army today!!

Happy fishing,


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Fly Of The Month.

18329_1022948391052112_2098311029783676226_n Our first fly in a regular addition to our page is “The Green Sparkulator”

This is a variant of the good old fashioned “Stimulator” a great attractor fly for just about any place that the fish are feeding on the surface. The Sparkulator was designed and tied for fishing as a hopper pattern, however, like the Stimulator it can be used as a searching pattern,for fishing larger terrestrials, and is great as an indicator fly if fishing a nymph dropper.

Hook – TMC 200

Wing and tail – Bleached Elk Hair

Body and head – Hends Spectra dubbing (green)

Rib -Fine red copper wire

Hackle – Fine Dun

This can be tied in a variety of sizes from 8 to 16.

my favourite size to tie and fish this pattern is 12 – 16.

Happy Tying!


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Beat the price rise on Simms and Scott.




Due to the falling value of the Australian dollar there will be an unfortunate price rise across the product line of both Simms and Scott products. This rise will be up to 20% in some cases. At high Country Outfitters we always aim to give our customers the best prices and service we can. So, for the next week we will put a hold on any price rise that will be incurred!!!! For the next week only you will still be able to get your hands on a Scott radian for $950.00 before the price goes up to $1249.00

Scott Radian

We will also be holding any price increases on the Simms range of clothing, waders, and wading boots for the next 7 days!!

Simms G3 wader $749.95 (will increase to $849)

Simms Freestone wader $399 (will increase to $499)

Simms G3 guide vest $299.95 (increase to $399)

So if you’re in the market for waders, Boots, vests, and fly rods get on in before the November 17th price rise!!!!!!



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Some fun with Robbo from studio 10.


On Wednesday Ant went down to the water to meet up with Robbo from channel 10’s morning show “Studio 10” as part of “Robbo’s Road Trip”

Here’s the link