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The rivers are open!


The rivers have now been open for the past few weeks and there has been a very mixed bag of weather since then. We have been experiencing some unusually warm weather and just recently some unusually cold weather as well. I wish mother nature would just settle down and provide us with a little consistency. Oh well, there are some things that you just can’t control. Having said that, with the warm weather we have started to see a lot of insect activity during the day with some substantial  hatches of smaller stoneflies, Mayflies, Beetles, some midge during the afternoon and morning, and a couple of good termite falls last week. The fishing on the smaller streams is already starting to turn on some great dry fly fishing. The larger rivers like the Thredbo, Eucumbene, and upper Snowy will be best tackled with a couple of nymphs until the weather stabilizes a little. On the warmer days it would pay to fish a dry and a smaller nymph dropper although most of the better fish are still holding quite deep. The Thredbo has been flowing a little higher and  more coloured than expected for this time of year as the snow melt is in full swing, but this should start to settle down over the next couple of weeks or so.

The big news for trout anglers this season is the release of 150 tagged rainbow trout into lake Jindabyne. These trout are a part of the Snowy Lakes trout strategy to monitor the breeding and migration cycle of these fish in the system. Most of these fish are about 2 to 3 kilograms with some of these fish now in excess of four and a half kilograms. If your lucky enough to catch on of these fish, be sure to take note of the size, date, and place of capture and get onto  and register your catch. By doing this you will be helping monitor and maintain the trout population here in the Snowy Mountains and may even score yourself a reward!


a tagged rainbow caught in he lower section of the Thredbo river.

The last few weeks I have been out on the rivers and lake I have taken a few of our new additions to our fly rod range for a bit of field testing. One of these rods was the Airflo Nemisis 9ft 5weight. This is a sub $300 fly rod (in fact it retails for $249!) it comes in a cloth bag and tube and is packaged with a spare tip. The blank is well finished in an emerald green colour with quality guides and reel seat. It has a nice feel in the hand (although a little heavier than some of the premium priced fly rods available) with a supple tip for throwing some super tight loops, and a stiffer butt section for fighting those bigger fish. I was running an Airflo Superdri elite trout taper 5 weight line through the rod which was a perfect match for this rod. The Nemisis performed as good up close as it did at distance, and was happy casting a double tungsten nymph rig and deadly accurate sending small emergers out to fickle trout.

The rod was an absolute pleasure to fish allowing for great casting, line management, and fish fighting ability.

The Airflo Nemisis is rod that will definitely stand up to other rods in a much higher price point. I was so impressed with this rod that it will be making its way into my stable of personal fly rods!!!

Don’t forget to drop into the store to find out the latest conditions on the rivers and lakes.


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