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Only one week to go.


With only a week left to go for the river fishing season, now is the time to get that last minute fix before the winter season!! The rivers around the area are looking great with some awesome fish being caught in both the Thredbo and Eucumbene rivers.  The Eucumbene has once again produced large numbers of very good fish (and with it an influx of anglers!!) with some great catches of trophy browns. If you were brave enough to tackle the crowds and weather over the past few weeks the rewards have been great. The magic combination of glo-bug and tungsten nymph have been doing the trick.

The Thredbo river hasn’t been too shabby either, although the brown run has not been as strong as the Eucumbene there has still been plenty of fish being caught and the crowds have been pretty lean as well. The weather over the next few days should see a mix of wintery snow, light to moderate winds, and some rain along with some very cold nights. So don’t forget to pack warm if you’re thing about heading down.

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It’s on!!!!



Over the past couple of weeks we have had some wild and windy days with a mixture of snow and rain, and with that the fish have “turned on” and started to move up the river in some very good numbers and my I say some very large fish at that!!! The Thredbo is fishing very well right now and there’s plenty of room for the angler to enjoy some exceptional fishing for some spawn run browns. The lower section of the river is holding some extra large sized fish. Hooking and landing these fish will take some very precise fishing techniques. If you find that the Glo-bug Nymph combination just not doing the trick, you could try swinging or stripping a big wooly bugger past these bigger fish for a very aggressive take, but hold on because these fish have some extra “poke” but be warned you will also need some “soft” hands to avoid being busted off! I have seen some fish well in excess of 10lb cruising the river.

The Eucumbene river has also been providing the anglers with some non-stop action with plenty of fish being caught. the lake level is quite high right now, so the river section is a little smaller and there are quite a few anglers enjoying the conditions. Just remember that the river is for everyone to enjoy, some common sense and respect for the other anglers will ensure that everyone has a good time. It can be a little like Pitt St during the holiday shopping period on the Eucumbene over the next few weeks, so ensure that along with all your gear you pack your manners as well!!

Don’t forget to drop into the shop for all the information on what’s happening on the rivers and lakes. We also have some great end of season gear specials, so get in quick so you don’t miss out!!