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Time to hit the water.



What an awesome summer of fishing it’s been so far, and it can only get better from here! With the warm wet summer we have had, the insects are out in great numbers which means there has been a plentiful supply of food and the trout are taking advantage of that and literally gorging themselves. This also means that with so much natural food for them to eat it makes catching them a little more difficult, so a delicate presentation with the right fly will give you an advantage. Having said that, there are so many fish in the system ranging from easy to catch minnows right through to some hefty trophy fish that you’re sure to be able to bring one up to the fly.

The dry fly fishing on the rivers is the order of the day with all of the local rivers and streams fishing exceptionally well. Grasshoppers and beetles are out in force, so the bigger flies are doing the trick of fooling these fickle creatures, But make sure that your cast is accurate and your drifts are spot on! As I said there’s a lot of bug life out there so you have to get your fly to look as close to the natural one as possible. The picks of the moving water would be the Thredbo river, Moonbah, Gungahlin, and the upper parts of the Snowy. Our top selling flies for the river have been Stimulators, Parachute Adams, Daves Hoppers, Elk Hair Caddis and Stu’s Deadly Cicada.

The lakes on the other hand are proving to be a little more “hit or miss” for the land based angler, and the boat based fishers being rewarded just that little bit more. The trick in the major lakes is to fish the drop-offs and deeper water with smaller nymphs quite slowly, and streamers from the bottom with the “killer” style of flies probably being the best type of fly to use e.g Hammils Killer, Mrs Simpson in the smaller sizes, and Bead Head Wooly Buggers to fish the deeper water.

The early mornings and evenings are the best times to fish the lakes, and just before a thunderstorm (but don’t get caught out as fishing in these times can be very dangerous considering you’ll be waving around a highly conductive piece of equipment!!) Lake Eucembene has been out-fishing Lake Jindabyne this summer, however I have seen some great catches coming out of Jindabyne particularly around the yabby beds. Don’t forget to take advantage of the windy days, with so many hoppers about they’re sure to get blown onto the water and cause a feeding frenzy for the fish!

So get out there folks and enjoy some of the best fishing we’ve had for years. Don’t forget to check out the “What’s Happening” and “Gear Talk” pages for product reviews and upcoming events.

Happy fishing folks,

The High Country Team.mms_img2069021889 (2)


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