Summer is nearly here.

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The weather has been magic over the past few weeks. The local streams, lakes and rivers have been fishing very well. There has been an abundance of insect life both above and below the surface, giving the angler many options to choose from. With excellent hatches of stoneflies, caddis, and the mayflies during the day, you shouldn’t have too much trouble enticing them up to the surface with a well presented dry fly. Good patterns to use now would be parachute Adams, Elk hair caddis, Klinkhammers and any other emerger patterns that you may have hidden  in the fly box.

The evening has seen the appearance of some bigger moths and beetles, so throwing out some bigger surface flies from dusk and into the evening might be worth trying to coax some of the bigger fish in to a strike.

The rivers have been fishing better than in the past couple of years and hopefully will only get better as the summer goes on! So now is great time to head to Jindabyne and come for a fish!!!