Fishing Reports

Rainbows moving into the river.

rainbow trout



Some good news folks! After a couple of sub-par spawning runs from the rainbow trout in the previous couple of years this year is looking to turn around for the better. With good to great numbers of big healthy rainbows filling the traps at the hatchery it looks as though the spawn run this year could be great. With the spawning fish making their way into the river system to do their thing a few of these should take up residency for the upcoming river fishing season (hopefully they will stick around all summer?)

There has also been quite a few bigger fish in large numbers coming into the shallows of the lake edges. If you are into sight fishing around the lake edges now is the time to get out there and try and turn some heads.  Unweighted nymphs and small unweighted wooly buggers should work a treat. Just remember to walk slowly and keep your eyes in the shallow water, a stealthy approach will reward!


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