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New Year fishing Report


Happy New Year!!! Welcome to 2016.

The new year is upon us and summer is in full swing. The sun is shining and the fish are taking flies of the surface, what more could you want?

The rivers are fishing very well with most anglers reporting of large numbers of both rainbows and browns being caught and released, most fish are around the 1lb to 2lb mark with the occasional larger fish getting into the mix. A well presented Emerger or smaller Wulff pattern should do the trick quite nicely. The higher sections of the rivers are fishing quite well, although with the milder weather that we have be experiencing the water temps have remained low and comfortable for the fish right throughout the river systems. Mornings and afternoons along with the cloudy days are perfect for fishing the river during the warmer summer months.

The Grasshoppers have just started to make an appearance and should make their way onto the water very shortly (those windier days should be great along the edges of the rivers and lakes) So be sure to have a few Hopper patterns and some stimulators in your fly box for those times. Hopper fishing can be very exciting, plonking a large fly onto the surface with a big splash is the key when “Hopper fishing” forget those delicate presentations!!

The lakes are still fishing quite well as the warmer weather has usually been followed by a cooler change and some good cooling rain keeping the water at a comfortable temperature for the fish. So you can still find some active fish feeding right throughout the daylight hours. Prospecting with a wet fly around the edges during these times can be a great way of picking up some fish whilst waiting for a hatch to come on. As the daylight draws to a close and the sun is starting to set, keep an eye out for insect activity, as the fish should start eating from the surface around dusk. The “rise” at these times can last from anywhere from 10 minutes, and can sometimes go right through the night. Matching the hatch during these times can be quite interesting as there could be anything from beetles to dragonflies getting around. Flies to use on the lake are Wooly buggers, Killer Patterns and muddlers for wets, and Larger Wulffs and Terrestrial Patterns for dries.


If you’re in the market for a new fly rod or even just want to try something different, don’t forget about our demo range that is available in store. We have Scott, Loop, Airflo, TFO, and Redington as well as other great rods available. We also have the newest fly lines available to test from Rio,  Airflo, and Scientific Anglers as well.  You really should try the Single hand spey line from Rio its just amazing, just call in to the shop and we’ll hook you up.

We just received a new shipment of fly rods from Redington of their new Hydrogen series of rods, These rods have been selling out as soon as we get them and priced at $429.95 with a lifetime replacement warranty they are fantastic value for money and a dream to fish with. Also back in store is the ever popular Airflo Nemisis fly rods priced at $249.95. If you don’t have a back-up rod, at this price you really should get one (you will be blown away by the performance and price!!!) Along with the all the premium brands such as Sage, Scott, Loop, and many others we have everything you could possibly want.

Also, don’t forget about the Thredbo Fly Fishing Expo on the 12th to 14th of February. It’s a free event with lots of fly fishing goodness!!

Happy Fishing Folks.

The High Country Crew


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New Zealand fishing report.

WP_20151112_002 (2)
November in Southland had it all, very windy days, great water levels , rain in the head waters and some snow!

All Spring has been windy so for most it was very testing conditions, I cannot stress enough that you must practice when it is windy, practice into the wind, side on to the wind and learn to cast over your other shoulder.

These conditions are pretty much the norm in New Zealand as well as Australia, but if you are paying for an adventure you have to handle the conditions, I know going to the pub is a good alternative but the fishing can be great and very rewarding in the most trying conditions.

Early November had some good Hatches, some southerlies after big nor’

westers usually bring the Mayflies on so it is important to stick out the wind and wait for a change.

The rest of the month was windy, so we were always looking for areas out of the wind, sometimes 2 to 3 different spots in a day but we always found fish out feeding.

Beetles were about late in the month and the Blow Fly pattern brought fish up.

There was a good fresh late in the month that was welcome but made it tough to find clear water for a few days.

Conditions are great at the moment and there are a few early Willow Grubbers about!


November can be tough but the fish are in great condition and the fishing very rewarding.

The next couple of months should be great!!! Bring on summer.



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Fly Fishing Expo 2016


Its that time of the year again folks!! The Annual Thredbo Fly Fishing Expo is back again for its fourth year. High Country Outfitters will be at the show with a great selection of the best gear around.Fly Fishing Schedule 2016-page-0

Some of Australia’s most accomplished fly casters and fishers will be on hand giving casting demonstration and offering advice.

This year we see Brian Henderson  (IFFF MCI, FFF THCI) Coming to the expo. Brian is one of Australia’s most accomplished fly casting instructors holding both Federation of Fly Fishers Master Casting Instructor and Two Handed Casting Instructor qualifications. Brian will be showing a range of casting in both two-handed and single hand techniques.

George Forster (IFFF MCI) will also be on hand to show his casting and teaching skills. George was at the expo last year and really knows his stuff and is always happy to share his knowledge and skills.

As always this event is free and a must for any fly fisher or anyone that would like to find out more about the art of fly fishing. we hope to see you all there.


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Fly of the month.

DSC_0714This months fly is the Elk Hair Caddis.

Probably one of the most popular caddis patterns ever tied and used. Created in 1957 by Al Troth from Pennsylvania, USA. The Elk Hair Caddis is relatively easy to tie and should be in every fly anglers fly box. Although tied as a Caddis imitation it can be used in a suitable colour and size to present at just about any fish that is taking dry flies of the surface. A high riding fly that floats very well and is easy to see. One of the deadliest flies in my fly collection, I would never be caught out on the water without at least 2 in my box.

Hook – TMC 100

Wing – Bleached or natural Elk hair

Body – fine dubbing in suitable colour (green, grey, brown etc.)

Ribbing – very fine copper wire

Hackle – Light brown

This can be tied from size 10 to 18. My preferred sizes for our local waters are 12 – 16.

Happy Tying, and have a great New Year!!!!

The High Country Crew.


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Snowy Mountains Fishing Report.




Hi There folks! Well haven’t we had a mixed bag of condition over the past month!! From Blistering hot days right through to sleet and freezing temperatures up on the higher slopes. But that hasn’t seem to have to had too much negative affect on the fishing.
Both lakes and rivers are fishing very well and there has been a hive of insect activity with Beetles, Mayflies, Caddis, Damsels and Dragonflies just to name a few. If your venturing out to the lake keep a close eye on the edges, especially around the weed beds as the fish are still  patrolling around in close. During the sunnier days the Damsel flies have been out in numbers, and the fish have been feeding rigorously on both the nymphs and adult Damsels (although most of the activity is below the surface). The afternoon and evenings have seen a lot of beetle activity with the fish feeding on them right through to dark. Daytime fishing during the overcast days has been a “little hit or miss” as some days there have been some great Mayfly hatches and other days not much activity at all? Prospecting the water with a Wooly Bugger or other streamer pattern during these times should produce some results, Just remember to work the water efficiently and keep moving if you’re not getting any results.

If you’re heading out on one of the many rivers and streams in the area, there is plenty of dry fly action to be had. Mayflies, Caddisflies, and Beetles are the order of the day. Elk Hair Caddis, Parachute Adams, smaller Stimulators, and Beetle patterns like Red Tags, Humpies, and Great Lakes Beetles should do the trick. On full sun days, Fishing the earlier and later parts of the day are going to be more productive, and working the edges of the banks with your fly will get better results.

The fishing right now is fantastic! So come on down to the Snowy Mountains for a visit and get into the action!!!

If you’re looking for that last minute gift idea we have plenty of goodies to fill those Santa stockings!!mms_20151214_161202  We also have a great range of Demo Rods and lines that you can try before you buy from TFO, Loop, Airflo, Rio, and Scientific Anglers just to name a few. As well as one of the biggest freshwater fly selections anywhere in Australia!!!

Happy holidays and Happy fishing,

The High Country Outfitters Crew.

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TFO Impact.


Its been a while in the making but the new addition to the Temple Fork Outfitters range of fly rods is sure to make an IMPACT!! Not since the introduction of the BVK has a mid price-point rod looked or felt so good. Although priced a little higher than the BVK @$429 this little beauty has everything that you want out of a premium fly rod without the price tag!! A little softer in feel than the BVK but a lot faster in the recovery, the IMPACT has both feel and power. Available in #4 thru to #10 weight  . Their action, in conjunction with a unique combination of the latest materials, merges the attributes of all your favorite rods in such a way that there’s no trace of any of the familiar limitations you’ve had to put up with.  IMPACT rods are designed to exceed every angler’s expectations with a level of excellence that will set new industry standards.  That’s making an Impact.

Get in and make an IMPACT on your fly fishing!!!

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Reddington Path Kit.


Are you looking for a high quality fly rod and reel combo that won’t break the budget and has a lifetime warranty? Well look no further, the Reddington Path combo has all bases covered, and all for less than $300!! ($299.95) Available in 8′ 4weight and 9′ 5weight they come with a matched Path reel, matched weight forward floating line, and all packaged in a rod and reel case.  All this for just $299.95 with a lifetime warranty!! A great mid-fast action package suitable for the beginner or advanced fisher folk!!

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Loop Optistream fly Rod Review.



Have you ever been in a situation on the river or lake when your back cast space was minimal or non-existent! Well fear not that situation any longer. With the new Loop Optistream fly rod and matched Optistream #5 line you will be the king of the roll cast!!!!

For many years the Europeans have been at the forefront with the “under-hand” style of casting and now with a Loop Optistream rod matched with the Loop Optistream #5 line you can have the power to “underhand” cast in just about any tight situation. The Loop Optistream rod has a lovely smooth feel and a medium to fast action, and when strung with the Loop Optistream #5line becomes a roll casting weapon beyond any expectation. Performing its best from 15ft to 40ft underhand casting has never been this easy or rewarding. If overhead casting is more your style then fear not, when a more traditional line is strung through this rod it shines as a short to medium distance presentation rod. At $679 the Loop Optistream is packaged in a cloth pouch and rod tube. As with all Loop fly rods it comes with a lifetime warranty!! If you’re looking for a great reel to match this line and rod combo, look no further than the Evotec G4 FW 4/6 @$549.00 and will balance out this combination perfectly!

Join the Loop Army today!!

Happy fishing,


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Fly Of The Month.

18329_1022948391052112_2098311029783676226_n Our first fly in a regular addition to our page is “The Green Sparkulator”

This is a variant of the good old fashioned “Stimulator” a great attractor fly for just about any place that the fish are feeding on the surface. The Sparkulator was designed and tied for fishing as a hopper pattern, however, like the Stimulator it can be used as a searching pattern,for fishing larger terrestrials, and is great as an indicator fly if fishing a nymph dropper.

Hook – TMC 200

Wing and tail – Bleached Elk Hair

Body and head – Hends Spectra dubbing (green)

Rib -Fine red copper wire

Hackle – Fine Dun

This can be tied in a variety of sizes from 8 to 16.

my favourite size to tie and fish this pattern is 12 – 16.

Happy Tying!